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Migrate Exchange to Office 365 Tool

A Perfect Tool to Migrate Exchange On-premise to Office 365

  • Migrate Exchange Mailbox Items: Emails, Contacts and Calendars
  • Migrate Data from Sub-Domain Exchange Mailboxes (Optional)
  • Concurrent Migration: Capable Enough to Export 200 Mailboxes
  • Delta Migration: Newly Received Data Can be Migrated without Duplicates
  • Filter Data: Crucial Data can be Migrated Using Date & Category Filter
  • Re-Run Migration: Retry Failed Items & Skipped Items
  • Inbuilt Dashboard: Watch Real-Time Migration Process on Dashboard
  • Exchange Server Compatibility: Microsoft Exchange 2019, 2016 & 2013

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Plan Migration Depending on your Requirements

Batch Migration – You can simplify the migration process by batch migrating user mailboxes. This allows multiple user accounts to be migrated from Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 at the same time. The utility also enables users assign priority who migrate this user data over other users.

Concurrent Migration – You can migrate multiple user accounts at the same time in batches. Once you “Enable Multiple Accounts” option from Settings, it allows users to add multiple service accounts and migrate upto 200 Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 accounts concurrently.

When to Use this Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool?

  • When You Have Large Number of Exchange Mailboxes to be Exported
  • If You want to Export Thousands of GBs of Sensitive Data Safely
  • When You Don’t Want to Loss Any Crucial Emails or Other Data
  • Migrate Exchange On-Premise 2013 or 2016, 2019 into Office 365 Quickly
  • Simple & Easy to Understand Interface with Complete Help Guide
  • If you want a tool that offers best-in-class features for its price

Advanced Tool to Migrate Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Cloud

Most Recommended Utility by Tech Experts and Exchange Administrators

Migrate Exchange to Office 365

Migrate Exchange to Office 365

This is a multi-use solution that allows users to migrate their Exchange On-Premises mailboxes without any data loss. It is a safe and reliable utility that will ensure that your important data is safely exported to your destination account. The utility ensures that data integrity is maintained throughout the entire process.

Keep Original Folder Structure

Keep Original Folder Structure

This Exchange 2013 to Office 365 migration tool has been designed to easily create the entire process. Many users manage their email messages in a suitable folder structure. Therefore, this software maintains the original folder hierarchy for mailboxes and gets the same folder structure for Office 365 mailboxes.

Quick & Efficient Migration

Quick & Efficient Migration

Moving a mailbox from one platform to another is a complex task that can affect your organization's workflow. Therefore, it is designed with advanced algorithms so that you can quickly migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 without affecting your workflow.

Large Sized Mailboxes Supported

Large Sized Mailboxes Supported

This app is the best utility if you are planning to migrate mailboxes from Exchange On-Premise into Office 365. It offers many useful functions and does not impose any restrictions. You can easily export large mailboxes with this software and there is no limit on the number of mailboxes.

Fetch User Accounts

Fetch User Accounts

This software to migrate Exchange to Office 365 offers you two options to add users into tool:

  • Fetch Users: This option will import all user mailboxes in utility with single click.
  • Import Users: Import a CSV file into tool with source and destination mailbox mapping.

Re-Run Migration

This option has three different features, as described below:

  • Retry Failed Items: This option should be if any item failed during migration.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: This option can be used if some item was skipped during the migration.
  • Delta Migration: The ability to export newly received data during the migration.

Concurrent Migration

Concurrent Migration

The tool to migrate Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 can perform the export process for multiple users at the same time. You can add up to 10 service accounts, which will allow them to export about 200 mailboxes at a time. This option can be activated in the "Settings" window and ticking "Enable Multiple Accounts" option.

Migrate Sub-Domain Mailboxes

Migrate Sub-Domain Mailboxes

Users can also allow subdomain users to migrate Exchange mailboxes into Office 365. This is an optional feature, so if you have multiple mailboxes in an Exchange subdomain, you can also export data from the subdomain mailboxes. Just check the box when filling in the Exchange Server information in the tool.

Allocate Priority on Mailboxes

Allocate Priority on Mailboxes

The Exchange 2016 to Office 365 Migration Tool allows you to prioritize the mailboxes you want to export over other mailboxes. The mailboxes of the users to whom you want to set the priority can be selected in the program. This feature is useful if you have users with very sensitive data, and you want them to be migrated before others.

Export Selective Data

Export Selective Data

Many users have special requirements, for example, they do not want to receive full mailbox data. In these situations, the software helps users to transfer only the data they need to the destination account. Save a lot of user time and effort. In addition, users can also save storage space in their O365 account.

Read / Unread Status

Read / Unread Status

This tool is considered the best solution for migrating your Exchange mailbox to Office 365 because it ensures that all email messages are forwarded in the same read / unread state as at the source. This feature is useful for users who track their messages through read / unread status.

Data Integrity Intact

Data Integrity Intact

The most common query that users make when they move data from one platform to another is to keep data integrity intact. So, you don’t have to worry about it because this Exchange to O365 migration tool ensures that data integrity remains intact throughout the process.

Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool System Requirement

Software Download

Size: 91.0 MB

Version: 5.8.0

MD5: 4733f921888712a1b1bae237e25d3b81

Trial Limitations

The demo version of this tool will transfer Emails, Contacts and Calendar for two user accounts only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation & tool requires at least 5GB of free space to store data

8 GB of RAM

Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor

Supported Editions

Microsoft Windows - Windows Server 2012, 2016, Windows 10
Microsoft Exchange - Exchange Server 2013 & 2016, 2019


  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Office 365 Admin account.

      Pre-requisites for Microsoft Exchange as Source

  • The Exchange Admin account must be impersonated.
  • The destination account should have a valid license.
  • Provide the UPN (User Principal Name).
  • The destination account must have Mail.ReadWrite(Graph), Mail.ReadWrite, full_access_as_app(Exchange), permissions granted on Azure project.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server should be on-premise.

      Pre-requisites for Office 365 as Destination

  • Office 365 Project Creation.
  • Make sure to enter Destination Service Account Client ID.

      Additional Requirements

  • Minimum Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6


Q. Is your Antivirus blocking the software export process?

A. Please disable Anti-virus temporarily / Allow access (Whitelist) from Antivirus settings for proper working of the software.

Q. Unable to Create Output in destination?

A. Please avoid NAS, SAN, Network or Shared Drive. Source file should be on the migration machine to perform successful conversion.

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of the product is automated, You will receive an email containing both the link to download the product and the activation key within few minutes after payment confirmation.

Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software

Common Difference – Free Demo and Full Version

Features FREE Version FULL Version
Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365
Exchange Sub-Domain Accounts Supported
Ensures No Data Loss During Process
Concurrent Migration
Filter Options (Date & Category)
Assign Priority to User Mailboxes
Delta Migration Available
Data Migration 2 User Accounts All Accounts
Cost FREE $25

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Complete a simple tool operation in 5 steps:

  • 1: Install and migrate Exchange to Office 365 on Windows OS
  • 2: Select Exchange as the source and Office 365 as the target account
  • 3: Fill in the Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Admin details in the fields
  • 4: Fetch or Import Exchange mailboxes in the software pane
  • 5: Click the Start Migration button to continue the process
No, there is no limit to the number of users and the size of the mailbox you want to export.
This depends entirely on the number of emails stored in your Exchange mailboxes. Based on Office 365 throttling policies, your mailbox with 5,000 large emails will migrate faster than a mailbox with 1,000,000 small emails.
Yes, the On-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration tool offers a date range filter that offers you to migrate data from a particular date range. You must use the “From” and “To” filter and select the range of migration dates.

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