Repair Outlook Data File with an Effective Method

admin | October 25th, 2018 | Outlook

If Microsoft Outlook or similar without Exchange server is used, data is stored in .pst file (personal folders). These file contain all the emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. So only this one file needs to be destroyed to destroy all the important data. Read complete to know “How to repair Outlook data file”

Normally, the PST file is located in the below mentioned location and is invisible to Explorer until the PC has been reconfigured to show hidden files as well.

 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook "

and is invisible to Explorer until the PC has been reconfigured to show hidden files as well.

In Explorer this setting can be found in Tools / Options. It is advisable to backup the PST file on a regular basis, but if something does happen, it may happen that suddenly important data is no longer available. MS Outlook then either brings an error message or simply crashes and result into corrupt PST file.

Repair Outlook Data file with SCANPST

Together with MS Outlook also a repair program is installed, which repair Outlook PST file mostly again. The scanpst.exe file is located in different places on the disk and has been included since Microsoft Outlook 98. Scanpst.exe could be located in the program folder of Microsoft Office. It is best to have the program searched on the hard disk.

As input SCANPST needs the complete pathname of your PST file. The easiest way to get this is via MS Outlook itself, either in the data file management (Outlook XP) or via Tools / Services. Alternatively, the properties window of the main folder can be opened. After pressing ” Advanced “, the properties dialog of the PST file opens, which contains the path of the PST in the second field.

To the path of your own PST file, Select the properties of the main folder, then ” Advanced “. The path of the PST file is in the 2nd field. Here is the path to the PST file


This path can be copied directly to SCANPST:


Note: Before starting MS Outlook must be closed, otherwise SCANPST has no access. If Outlook 97, 98 or 2000 is used, the Mapi Spooler may need to be closed manually. This can be found in the Task Manager under Processes as Mapisp32.exe .

If SCANPST detects errors, it automatically asks if the file should be repaired. It is recommended to check the repaired file again.


In some cases the following difficulties arise:

SCANPST terminates the test with the following message: ” An error has occurred during the check, no changes have been made to the file “. It has been shown that repeated use of SCANPST goes one step further.

There are still errors after the test.

In this case, it is recommended to copy all the data to a new PST file.

SCANPST can not read the file at all.

Repair Outlook Data File Using Alternative Solution

Steps to Repair Outlook PST file:

Step 1. Download & Launch Outlook PST Recovery Tool


Step 2. Add Corrupted PST File to the Software

Repair Outlook Data File

Step 3. Select PST file from the location

Step 4. Select Scan Options Quick or Advance, Click on add

Step 5. Preview the repaired PST file data on software preview panel

Step 6. Click on Export to save PST file in PST, MSG EML, HTML Office 365


PST files often contain important tasks, notes or emails. However, it happens again and again that these proprietary containers are damaged by a faulty storage. The Microsoft tool ScanPST repairs the damaged PST file. After the repair, scan the Outlook file again and make sure scanpst.exe does not find any errors. Sometimes the tool can not repair all the bugs at once. in that case, you can opt for third party Outlook recovery tool.