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NSF to MBOX Converter Tool

An expert solution for converting multiple IBM Lotus Notes database file format NSF to MBOX format. This .mbox is compatible with many email clients including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora etc. Use this tool to export Lotus Notes email to Thunderbird file format.

  • Bulk migrate multiple Lotus Notes NSF files to MBOX format
  • Export data from IBM Domino Server mailboxes to MBOX file.
  • Perform efficient email folder mapping between IBM accounts
  • Lotus Notes is essential for migration of IBM Notes to MBOX
  • Connection with Domino Server Environment is also needed
  • Supports all versions of Lotus Notes 9.0.1, 8.5 and below

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Important Features of Lotus Notes to MBOX Converter

Export Multiple NSF Files to MBOX

Use the NSF to MBOX Converter to migrate data from multiple Lotus Notes database file to MBOX format. Import a single .nsf file into the tool by using the Add File(s) option. This option can also be used to upload multiple NSF files one at a time. Use the Add Folder option to upload multiple .nsf files into the tool. .

Move Domino Mailboxes to .mbox

Complete Domino Server mailbox emails and email folders can be migrated to .mbox file using the tool. All emails with attachments are moved to MBOX format without any data loss. Connectivity between Lotus Notes and Domino Server is essential to perform this migration. IP address and password to server accounts are also needed.

Customize Email Folders Mapping

Perform folder to folder mapping between .nsf and .mbox files. Customize email folders by mapping them across the two file formats. The NSF MBOX Converter to customises emails further by removing any password protection from them before migration. Detect and replace the canonical sender name to SMTP format using advanced options of the tool.

Apply Date Filter to NSF Email Files

There is a provision in the tool to apply a date based filter to emails to perform a selective migration. A date range can be set for the received date on emails to simplify conversion. This way a lot of time can be saved and prevent any needless conversion of data. The tool is compatible with all versions of Lotus Notes 9.0.1 and below.

folder hierarchy

Optional Data Integrity Maintenance

There is an option in the Lotus Notes MBOX Export tool to forego any folder hierarchy. This can save time during migration of multiple mailboxes. By default all the email properties and folder structure are retained by the tool. Email properties like header information and email formatting are maintained by the tool. Also, doc links and attachments are preserved during transfer.

View Live Conversion Status Report

A live migration report is shown to the user during the time of the transfer. This report contains details regarding the export process. The information includes current folder being transferred, folder count, email count and the path where the migrated file is saved. These give a general idea of the migration process and its progress.

An Overview of NSF to MBOX Converter

Lotus Notes is email client developed by IBM for sending and receiving emails. It stores the mailbox data in a database file called Notes Storage Facility. It saves all the emails with attachments in this NSF file. Domino Server is a mail server used for IBM Notes accounts. It is used to store mailbox data remotely. Lotus Notes is commonly used as a communication and business collaboration software by enterprises. MBOX is a file format used by many email clients. It is used to store multiple emails in a single .mbox file. It is data storage file supported by Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Spice Bird, Opera Mail, Netscape, Entourage etc.

Reasons to Convert Lotus Notes to MBOX File Format

here are many reasons for converting an IBM Notes mailbox to a more compatible MBOX file format. These causes may be enough to move mailbox data from a Notes .nsf file to a .mbox file. Here are some of the reasons to convert NSF file to MBOX format.:

  • MBOX format is very popular and is compatible with many email clients.
  • The .mbox file can be taken across platforms in Windows, Mac or Linux systems.
  • Lotus Notes maintenance is costly for home users.
  • Training and knowledge are needed to work with IBM emailing client.
  • A lot of efforts are needed to manage emails in the highly secure IBM Notes client.

For these reasons, it has become evident that emails need to be moved from Lotus Notes database to a MBOX file. The NSF to MBOX Converter is a safe and secure way to transfer mailbox data within an NSF file to a .mbox file. It is an innovative solution that can move data within multiple .nsf files to separate .mbox files. It is compatible with all versions of Windows 10 and below.

Top 4 Screenshots of NSF to MBOX Converter Tool

add file

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Solve Queries Related to Lotus Notes to MBOX Conversion

Is the tool compatible with Mac Operating System?
No, the tool can only function with Windows operating system. It is compatible with all versions of Windows 10 and below.straightaway.
Is the MBOX email client needed to perform the migration?
No, an email client that supports .mbox files in not needed to perform the conversion between IBM Notes to MBOX format.
Could you let me know the file size limitation on the NSF file that I upload into the tool?
There is no limitation on the NSF file size that can be uploaded into the tool. Import as many files of any size to migrate from Lotus Notes to MBOX format. .
What are the prerequisites to moving data from Domino Server accounts to a MBOX file?
Lotus Notes client must be installed on the system where the migration is taking place. This Notes application must be connected to Domino Server environment to proceed with the conversion. Server IP address and password are also needed to perform the transition of mailbox data.

What Client Say About IBM Notes to MBOX Converter

I am totally amazed by the NSF MBOX Converter. It is a great tool for on-technical users like me. I had no clue on how to convert NSF file to MBOX format. Luckily, I came across this tool while searching for solutions online. I was hesitant at first but once I started using it, I simply could not believe the results. Thank you!’

Melinda Evans, UK

I have been using my workplace Lotus Notes account for years. I have been meaning to move some of my conversations to my personal account but could not find a better solution. Manual solutions had me confused from the get go. I tried the free version of this software and completely liked it. I have bought the premium version for rest of my emails.

Rodney Robertson, Australia

My IBM Notes mailbox has started corrupting due to the sheer size of my mailbox. I was advised to move some of my emails to a separate personal storage file. This is when I saw this amazing tool. I have used the Lotus Notes MBOX Export tool to backup my emails in a .mbox file. I can carry this file anywhere across both my Windows and Mac computers. Kudos to the development team!

Wilbert Castillo, Canada

I have been looking for ways to save my NSF emails to a more compatible MBOX format. This format I could use with Mac Mail or Thunderbird. This is when I found your NSF MBOX Converter. It is very easy-to-use and simple application. It is a very user- friendly and I found using it quite easy by following the product guide. I will surely be recommending it to my data center team.

Loretta Walker, USA