Easy Process to Know How to Delete File Limitations

Step 1

At the beginning, download, install and launch the software and click on the Unlock button to start the process.install software

Step 2

Select one or more files that you want to unlock and select a destination path to save the documents after unlocking them. select file

Step 3

Now you can see permission before and after of all selected files. Finally, click on the Unlock button to eliminate all the limitations from documents.eliminate limitations

Step 4

Within a few seconds you will get a confirmation message that "file has been unlocked successfully". Click on OK button.unlock successfully

Step 5

Now you will able to see that permission after has been modified in the software screen. It means the files has been unlocked successfully.permission on file

Step 6

Click on Unlock PDF to start the process and remove file restrictions.unlock PDF

Step 7

Notification regarding the completion of unlocking process will pop up.unlocked successfully

Step 8

The tool reflects the comparison of the file restrictions after and before unlocking the document. remove restrictions

Step 9

Now, you can test the unlocked files for the features like copying, printing & pasting.test unlocked files

Step 10

If you want to check for Copy option. Follow the given below procedure.check option of copy

Step 11

In the same way, you can check for Print optionCheck option of print

Step 12

You can exit or proceed as per your choice.Quit program

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