QuickData Gmail Migration

Gmail Migration Software

This is the best way to use Gmail on various email clients. The utility helps you to transform entire Gmail data in multiple file formats like MBOX, PST, EML and MSG.

  • Migrate Emails, Calendars, Contacts and Documents from Gmail Account
  • Facilitates with the transfer of single and Multiple Users Account
  • Option to resume in case of interruption in moving Gmail data
  • Supports exporting data to multiple email clients
  • Outlook installation is required to transfer data from Gmail to Outlook

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Free version of Gmail Migration Software can export first 100 emails and 25 other items in PST/EML/ MSG..

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Product Guide

Key Features in QuickData Gmail Migration Software

multiple account

Migrate Multiple Gmail Accounts

In case of moving the data from various multiple Gmail accounts, you need to save complete credentials- user name and password in a CSV file and add it to the Software application. Entire data of each and every mail account will be transferred without the loss of single bit of data.

move mail

Synchronize Gmail with Outlook

Gmail Migrator also supports the data transfer in PST format. The file imported in Outlook is PST file. So, If you are stuck with the question that- How do I add a Gmail account to Outlook? Gmail Exporter is the unique solution.

transfer mail

Adding Gmail to Entourage

Adding Gmail account to Entourage can also be understood as importing Entourage supporting file format in Entourage i.e. .mbox. The Software is offering this particular feature of saving into .mbox file format.

shift mail

Export Gmail to Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a desktop based email client permits you to add .mbox file as a mailbox. You can easily add the .mbox file in Thunderbird without any kind of hindrance.

mail move

Transfer Gmail to Apple Mail

Apple Mail is a MAC based email client supporting .mbox file format. It is very easy to connect Gmail to Apple Mail with Gmail Exporter software.

o authentication

Gmail Migration with Authentication

It is obvious that you must have important and personal data in your Gmail account. This tool uses the User name and password with OAuthentication only to get logged into your account without exposing it. It will not be saved to any database of our application.

account history

Keeps Account History

The Gmail Migration Software keeps the account data download history in case of sudden software shut down during the process. This might happen due to loss of internet connection or sudden system shut down due to any reason. You can have a look to the home page of software to get the incomplete account history.

multiple languages

Supporting Multiple Languages

This Gmail Migrator is offering an extra ordinary feature of supporting the User Interface in multiple languages. Along with English the UI language can be changed into Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

Need of Gmail Migration in Windows

Since, Gmail is a web based email client providing ample amount of features regarding management of emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, documents etc.
In case you are in situation to opt for a desktop based email client, then, you can go for transferring Gmail entire data items in multiple Email clients.
This can be possible by transforming the Gmail data into multiple file formats supporting corresponding Email Clients.

Role of Gmail Migration Software

This Gmail Exporter Software enriches you with the transfer of Gmail data to multiple email clients including Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Entourage.

Screenshots of Gmail Migration Software

Gmail Migration Software
scanning of file before conversion
sign in
email format

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Solve Queries Related to Gmail Migration Software

How many Gmail accounts can be put into other email client?
Yes, You can add multiple Gmail accounts to the application.
Does the software save entire credentials of Gmail account?
Until you are not enabling the Check box “Remember Credentials Option”. No credentials get saved in our database.

What Our Client's Opinion About The Gmail Exporter

I was using Gmail on Windows and wanted to add my Gmail account to some desktop based email client. I found Outlook as a relevant information manager for this purpose. QuickData Gmail Migration software made this very much easier with quick transfer of Gmail to Outlook.

Harry, Oklahoma

Stuck in the transfer of Gmail to Thunderbird, as I am not a technical person, simple steps are also tough for me. In spite of that I completed the required task without any hindrance. This is only because of such a great technical support team. Thanks alot.

Peter, Canada

QuickData MAC Gmail Migration

MAC Gmail Migration Software

It is an immense utility for the transfer of Gmail data to MAC based email clients. It is the best way to use Gmail on MAC. The software save the resulting file in EML file format.

  • Move multiple data items from Gmail account
  • Export multiple Gmail accounts at once
  • Perform Selective data transfer by applying filters
  • Transfer of Gmail data in authorised manner
  • Show export report during entire process

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Product Guide

Key Features of MAC Gmail Migration


Option to apply Date Filters

In order to avoid the more time consumption in transferring Gmail data, You can apply date filters. So that, you can fix the time period you want the data for.


Save Attachments in Original Format

The documents with your mail messages are saved in original format. The original extension of any document will not get disturbed. For ex Portable file as .pdf, Word file as .doc, Presentation as .ppt remain preserved.


Option to manage the Internet Bandwidth

The tool has provided the option to manage the internet usage in entire process. It is up to you that how much percentage of total internet bandwidth you want the software to use for exporting the Gmail data.

selective data

Choice to move selective Folder Database

The Gmail Exporter proffers you to move the selective data from single or multiple Gmail accounts as per your requirement. In case of selective data requirement, You need not to stuck with the migration of entire Gmail data.

Need for Gmail Migration in MAC OS

There is much difference between Windows and MAC OS in terms of compatibility. If you are using Gmail on MAC and want to fix your Gmail in some Email Client. Then, MAC Gmail Migration will take you to the efficient transfer of Gmail to MAC supporting email clients.

Screenshots of MAC Gmail Migration Tool

delete mails
select folder
process status

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Solve Queries Related to Gmail Migration Software

Is the software compatible with MAC OS?
Yes, The tool efficiently works on MAC OS.
Is the tool able to migrate data of domain other than gmail.com?
No, The software is specially developed for Gmail.

What Our Client Say's About The Mac Gmail Migrator

I am a MAC user wanted to shift my Gmail to Apple Mail for the offline access to my Gmail account. QuickData Gmail Migration Software helped me out with the instant transfer of my entire Gmail data to Apple Mail in no time.

Brayden Maynard, Australia

I was new to Entourage email client. I do not remain in touch with technologies, Along with working process of the software, support team assisted me with Entourage as well. Really appreciate your help. Thanks alot

Ellemiek Daalder, Denmark