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A Free Thunderbird Mail Viewer

Utilize a one click solution for viewing Mozilla Thunderbird email messages from .mbox files independently. The Thunderbird mail viewer helps to open and read Thunderbird inbox file emails. You can browse and view more than one thunderbird mail files at once.

  • Scan and preview email messages along with respective attachments.
  • Allow reading multiple Thunderbird files at a time.
  • Detects Thunderbird profile contains all files if email client is installed on you PC.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird installation is not required to open old email files.
  • Support Windows 8.1 and other all later editions of Windows operating systems.

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Useful Features Helps to View Thunderbird Mailbox Files

add files

Auto Detection of Files

This is an advance feature of the Thunderbird message viewer software which automatically detects and load mail folders. But this function works only when Thunderbird mail client is installed on your PC.

scan files

Scan and Preview Messages

In the initial state the tool scans selected Mozilla Thunderbird files and generates a complete preview for message in original folder structure. You can view email content by clicking on specific message.

add multiple files

Open Multiple Email Files

If you have more than one Thunderbird mail files and wants to view load all them at once then this function will help to do so. You can browse a folder contains multiple .mbox files to view messages.

support many email clients

9 View Modes to Analyze Emails

The software offers different view options by using then you can analyze your emails for forensic purpose. Hex and MIME views are generally used for email investigation purposes.

outlook not required

An Independent Solution

This is standalone software to read thunderbird inbox file independently even if mail client is not installed. You don't need to install any additional tools or add-ons for viewing Thunderbird mails.


A Simple User Friendly Interface

The tool has been developed with a simple and user friendly graphical interface so everyone can use this free Thunderbird mail reader. No more technical skills are required to operate the software.

A Brief Information about Thunderbird and Its Email Files!

If you are a new user of Mozilla Thunderbird and don't have more idea about this mail client or its files then this section will make sure all your doubts.

Thunderbird is a free open source desktop based mail client developed by Mozilla and offers E-mail and Newsgroup functions. It is a cross-platform mail client available for Windows, MAC OSX and Linux operating systems. The Mozilla Thunderbird store all mails in a plain text file that is called .mbox which is supported by almost 20+ email clients. But when user need to open old thunderbird email files independently that time a Thunderbird mail viewer is required. You can also use these files with MS Outlook by converting MBOX files to PST format.

Default Location of Mozilla Thunderbird Files:

  • For Windows OS:
    C:/Documents and Settings/username/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/biwqp6xu.default/Mail
  • For MAC OSX:
    /Macintosh HD/Users/Library/ Thunderbird/Profiles/
  • For Linux and Unix: ~/.thunderbird/

File Formats with Their Extensions:

Each mail folder (Inbox, Sent, etc.) is stored as two files one with no extension and one is with .msf extension.


  • Inbox (without extension): This is the main file of Thunderbird mail that stores all your inbox email messages which is the mail file itself (in 'mbox' format). So you can directly use this file for viewing emails. Otherwise use Thunderbird ImportExport tool to export Thunderbird folders to MBOX format.
  • Inbox.msf: This is another file which is the index (Mail Summary File) to the mail file that contains summary of emails.

Note: Without extension file contains your all messages and attachments so view thunderbird mailbox file (Inbox) with this tool


I was using Mozilla Thunderbird for my small business since past 3 years. All email messages was stored in Thunderbird Inbox file. But suddenly Thunderbird stops working due to this, I was not able to view emails. Thank you so much for providing free Thunderbird mail viewer software.

- Sophia Jones, New York City

Check How to View Thunderbird Email Messages

launch tool
mulitiple views
normal view
export data