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OLK file viewer is a free-ware solution that help users to open OLK14message data on Windows operating system. This is an easy to use independent application which can also read all backend files of Mac Outlook such as olk14MsgSource, olk14event, olk14contact, olk14MsgAttach, olk14note etc. OLK file viewer is designed for Windows OS, which means it does not support Mac OS.

  • View and open OLK file message on Windows
  • Preview complete data of olk14message file
  • Scan & Read multiple file with OLK Viewer
  • Open olk14message, olk14msgsource & other attributes
  • Any number of OLK file can be viewed at once
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows OS

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Key Features of OLK file Viewer

open file

View OLK Message Completely:

OLK14Message viewer is capable enough to scan and open olk14message file without any issue. Olk14message is a file of Mac Outlook 2011 which contains the header portion of particular email such as To, From, Date, Subject etc.

read message

Read OLK14MsgSource easily

Olk14MsgSource is a backend file of Outlook for Mac which stores the actual body of an email message. This OLK14MsgSource reader also provide users to extract and view all the data of this file without any extra effort.

open message

Open OLK14Event

Free OLK file viewer professionally deal with all attributes file of Outlook 2011 database. OLK14Event is also an attribute file which stores the information about an event of Outlook calendar which include date, time and invitees. Users can quickly open olk14event file with the help of this tool.

see all attributes

Read Other Attributes

This OLK file viewer is a standalone application which designed with some advanced features. It can also provide preview of other backend attributes file of Mac Outlook database such as olk14MsgAttach, olk14contact, olk14note etc.

add multiple file

Add Multiple OLK File

Individual email item data is stores in different OLK files. So its very difficult to add each OLK file in the software and view its data. This OLK viewer freeware utility supports preview of multiple file at the same time. Users can add multiple files or folder in the software with one click.

maintain integrity

Keep Data Intact

Whenever user open OLK file with this software, it will keep the data as it was before in Mac system. That means it maintains the integrity of all the data items of OLK files. This feature make this OLK viewer software reliable and easy to understand application.

Basic Information of OLK file and OLK14Message Viewer

OLK file are the temporary backend files of Mac Outlook 2011 database. There is different type of OLK files present in the Mac system which contains the different part of an email message. One particular OLK file does not store the data of whole email message. For every part of message there is different OLK files. And each type of OLK file stores an individual email data. Means for one email there is multiple OLK files. These files are mentioned below:

  • OLK14Message: It contains the header portion of an email. There is a particular OLK14Message file for each email header details
  • OLK14MsgSource: This file stores the actual body of an individual email message
  • OLK14Event: It stores the info of a particular event of Mac Outlook calendar

The files discussed above are the main files for which user generally search. There are more OLK files i.e. olk14MsgAttach, olk14contact, olk14note, olk14category, olk14signature etc.

Why to Open OLK file with OLK14Message Viewer?

We can view OLK file with manual technique but this method will not suitable to read OLK message as it was before. When we use manual trick it does not maintain the integrity of that file and structure of file changed. To avoid this type of issue we use OLK viewer freeware tool. This software scans and preview every type of OLK file without any change in actual data. Users can easily open OLK14Message file of an email item.

software first look


OLK File Viewer is an awesome utility to get back deleted emails data from backend and read OLK file without any loss. This advanced technology saved me bunch of time and made it all in fractions of seconds. Many Thanks to OLK14MsgSource reader Team...!

- Nisham Mari, London

Screenshots of OLK File Viewer Tool

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Solve Queries Related to OLK14MsgSource Reader
Deleted Outlook Identity Emails but found OLK14Message file. How read this file with OLK File Viewer?
OLK14Message Viewer is designed under expertise team, It can easily fetch data from all type of OLK file. Users can easily view and read OLK file with this solution without any alteration.
Is this possible to view more than one OLK file with OLK14 message reader?
Yes, This OLK14MsgSource reader provides an advanced feature through which users can easily add folder of multiple OLK file at once and open them with one click.
We easily open OLK file manually they why we should opt this OLK viewer tool?
Manual method to view OLK file does not maintain the data integrity. In result it will change the format of OLK file data. Hence if we use OLK14Message viewer it will give exact message to read OLK file and this is a freeware utility. Users do not have to invest on this application.
What Our Customer Say's About Free OLK Viewer

Accidentally deleted the identity from Mac Outlook 2011. After various failed attempts to access data from temporary file I found OLK file viewer. With the help of this solution I can view OLK14Message file with all other corresponding files. Thanks to QuickData team for putting such an excellent OLK14MsgSource reader.

Andy Mark, Scotland

I had lost my profile and was left only with olk14message files, which were not in a readable format. I looked for ways to read the file, but they were too complicated and risky to implement. Thankfully, somebody suggested olk14message viewer which offered a much easier way to read OLK file messages.

Gonza Fred, Behrin