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A powerful tool to recover corrupt Windows backup file (.bkf) and restore whole data from the backup file such as images, documents, music files and all other data items. Moreover, The advanced application BKF Extractor, allow users to save the extracted file at any desired location.

  • Recover corrupt BKF file with all data items
  • Retrieve data from Symantec Backup Exec of Windows
  • Quick, Range-based and Advanced Scan recovery modes
  • Easily Scan and Recover data from Zip File
  • Repair BKF file with no Windows backup file size limitation
  • BKF Extractor tool provides Search within Repaired Backup to locate file
  • View Repaired File Names from the Damaged Backup File option

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Valuable Features of the BKF Extractor tool

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Recover Complete Backup Data

BKF Extractor tool will recover corrupt Windows backup file (.bkf). Moreover, it restores the complete data contained in a backup file that includes documents, music files and any other type of data item. This tool will repair Windows NT file and provides an option to search & view the repaired data items.

repair symantec exec file

Support Symantec Exec (.bkf) File

A user can also repair Symantec backup exec database apart from Windows NT backup with the help of BKF Recovery tool only. It is also one of the major reason the users use this backup repair tool for recovering and restoring data from a Windows backup .bkf file.

quick and advance scan

Provides Multi-level File Scanning

The level of corruption is different in each backup files (.bkf) of Windows. Therefore. the level of scanning to be done also varies from file to file. In BKF Restore tool, if the file is minimal corrupted, go for a Quick scan and if the BKF data is badly corrupted, one can select Advanced scan option.

corrupt backup file recovery

Recover Corrupt Windows Backup File

If the Windows NT file is corrupted then fix it with this backup repair tool. This BKF Extractor tool can easily repair Windows NT (.bkf file) and restore all the data contained in it. There will be a no loss in data after repairing and it also maintains the original formatting of the backup file.

save file in new folder

Option to Save Scanned File

This tool provides one unique feature i.e. save scanned file. When the software scans corrupt windows backup file, the scanned file will get auto-saved and next time a user just needs to load the save scanned file to save their lots of time. This feature also makes this tool different from other available backup Extractor tool.

selective file recovery

Recover Selective BKF File

If a user wants to recover only selective data items from the BKF database, then simply they need to check or uncheck the files or folders from the damaged .bkf file. The BKF Extractor tool will recover only the selective files and folders. With the help of there is no need to recover BKF files with unnecessary data items that are also present in it.

save file in new folder

Save File At Desired Location

After repairing the corrupt Windows backup file (.bkf), this software provides two different modes to users to save the recovered BKF file. One is you can save the recovered Windows Backup file at the original location and another is extract the recovered BKF file at any desired location.

range based scanning

Option of Range Based Scanning

Other than Quick and Advanced scan option, BKF Extractor tool provides user another different scanning option i.e. Range based scanning. With the help of this scanning option, a user can scan only the selective portion of the backup file. One just needs to define the range percentage between From and To to start selective scanning.

extract in compressed folder

Extract ZIP Files Content

BKF Extractor tool has an advance option to open and extract ZIP file content. With the help of this feature, a user can easily view the all content maintained in ZIP file via BKF file and directly during BKF file restoration.

Why User Needs to Repair BKF file?

The Backup Windows file with .bkf file extension is a backup file that is mainly created for Windows backup. The BKF files used by Windows operating system to maintain the backup of data stored on the computer. Therefore, when the data on the user's computer is corrupted, deleted or overwritten, the first thing that a user do, access the BKF file to restore the information on the computer. The main purpose of BKF file is to protect, backup and restore data stored on the local machine. It is also known as NTBackup File.

Need to Restore Corrupt Windows Backup File

BKF file is the most important file on any computer, as it maintains backup of all the data stored on the computer. Therefore, in case of any data corruption or loss, one can restore it again with the help of BKF file. However, if the Backup Windows file got corrupted it is very important to restore it. Moreover, there are various reasons of corrupt Windows backup file and are mentioned below:

  • Due to some malicious virus attack on the system
  • If there is an internal hard disk crash then it also possible that backup file gets corrupted
  • If there is any hardware components failure, then also BKF file gets corrupted

Hence, there is a need to extract damaged Windows backup file, to have an access to backup data in case of any failure. Therefore, one can use BKF Extractor tool to repair damaged Windows backup file. It can easily recover and restore BKF file data from any type of corruption.

backup extractor tool


Amazing utitlity.. The entire folders of important data and BKF file backup were lost due to severe worm infection. I was not able to view my useful database files and I got panic. Suddenly I came across the Repair Backup file tool, It repair Symantec backup exec database within a minute. After words I took a breath of Relief. Thanks Alot to QuickData Team....!

Carry Jason, Canada

Snapshots for BKF Extractor tool
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Step 1: Install the BKF Repair Tool

preview data

Step 2: Preview Data of Backup File

extract selected data

Step 3: Extracted Selected Data

select path

Step 4: Path of Extracted Data

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Get Answer for all Queries & Doubts Related to Corrupt Windows Backup File (.bkf)
Will it recover Symantec backup exec file also?
Yes, a user can easily recover Windows NT and Symantec backup exec (.bkf) file with the help of BKF Extractor tool.
Is there any file size limitation to repair BKF file?
No, there is no file size limitation impose this tool. A user can easily recover any size BKF file using this BKF repair tool.
Can I repair multiple Windows Backup files?
No, it recovers only one BKF file at once. Moreover, you can add multiple BKF file one after another but at one time it recovers one BKF file.
Does BKF Extractor tool, recover data from severely corrupted file?
Yes, with the help of Advanced scan option, one can easily recover and restore severely corrupted file with any type of corruption.
Can I repair corrupt Windows backup file on Windows 7?
Yes, a user is allowed to repair and restore corrupt BKF file on any Windows machine and extract all data at any desired location.
Feedback for the BKF Extractor tool

Initially, I was unable to configure the BKF recovery on my system. Then, I contacted the technical support team of the software. I must say that, it was great experience with technical support team of the BKF Repair Tool. They treated me some well and solve my problem in just a few minutes. They did not confused me at all with the detailed knowledge of the tool as others do. Big Thanks to the development team of the product.

Alisa, North America

BKF Extractor tool is an amazing utility designed by the development team of the software. There are various features that are provided by this software that I like the most such as it allows selective files and folder recovery. Great work done by the development team of BKF recovery.

Carol Smith, Brazil